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Serving the San Francisco Bay Area with the Best Quality Colon Care

Mission Statement

Body Harmony supports health conscious individuals by offering the highest quality service in colon cleansing and colon care. We provide our services in a safe, comfortable and professional environment. Our holistic approach supports each client in body, mind and spirit. We listen and take great care to help our clients realize their personal health goals.

What we do

Body Harmony offers the following services:

- Colon Hydrotherapy
- Cleansing Programs
- Nutritional Guidance
- Colon Therapy Certification Programs

What we are about

Founded In 1997, Body Harmony specializes in colon cleansing and colon care. Our approach emphasizes breath work, massage, and relaxation during your session

Our work is influenced by Connie Allred, founder of I-ACT (International Association of Colon Hydrotherapy) and creator of The Allred Technique (also taught at Body Harmony) and Ann Wigmore, N.D.,who advocated colonics, proper nutrition, and visualization techniques to achieve total health and well being.

" The irrigation of the colon or the washing of the colon is a procedure that has been practiced by the human in all civilizations in recorded history and, no doubt, before. With the new awakening that presently is occurring in all humans at this time on earth, colonic hygiene once again is being recognized and practiced by an ever-growing number of individuals as a fundamental and essential aspect of health." Dr. Ann Wigmore

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